Penis Enlargement Exercises

There are a couple of penis enlargement exercises that can give you the boost you need to increase your self-esteem.

Stretches are the most common way to enlarge your penis. They should be done while your penis is flaccid and also it might be a good idea to warm yourself up literally using a warm towel or warm water.

First, you grab your penis from under the glans and you pull it any direction you want. You have to hold it like that for about 40 seconds and then release. After that, do the same thing in the opposite direction. For better results, try to pull your penis to the left and to the right, since these positions offer you a wider angle, in other words, more room for the stretch. Be careful not to hurt yourself, although the penis is elastic and can be manipulated easily. You should pull your penis as much as you can, just like stretching your muscles before physical exercises.

A similar technique is called “the squat stretch”. For this one, you have to kneel down and pull your penis towards the floor. You should hold the penis from the upper-middle part so you can stretch it properly. Take into consideration that the floor might have germs and the penis is prone to infections so you might want to find a clean surface. This is also done with a flaccid penis. Hold the pull for about 30 seconds and then release. Repeat these steps for about 5 minutes whenever you have the chance. Also, before this exercise you should use a warm towel or cloth to wrap your penis in.

There are stretches you can do with your penis fully erect. In this case, you have to stretch the penis to the right, left and forward for 5 seconds each. Take a break of 30 seconds and start again. You should do this for 10 minutes and repeat all the steps for 3 to 5 times every day. This will increase your flexibility and may even add boost to your penis.

No matter what exercise you choose to do, for a better result you should ensure the best conditions for yourself. First of all, make sure you won’t be disturbed so you can properly exercise the amount of time needed. Next, the room temperature should be optimized in order not to influence your penis size (cold temperature makes the penis involuntarily shorten as a self-defense mechanism and no matter how hard you pull, it won’t return to it’s regular size). Finally, do these exercises when you are relaxed, since when you are stressed all your muscles tighten and you can seriously injure yourself.    

Penis Exercises

Do you want to last longer or to not lose your erection while performing? Here are a few penis exercises that might do the trick.
Penis Exercises

The most common penis exercise is called “jeqing”. This is the easiest and it can prove to be quite satisfactory. All you have to do is to squeeze your penis at the base and go towards the tip in a continuous motion. Be careful not to squeeze too hard! The movement should be done only in this direction and repeated for about 10 minutes. This is a great way of getting yourself ready for your partner and also it can make you last longer if done once a day.

Another penis exercise used for a very long time is trying to contain the urine flow once you started. This is a bit hard at first, but if you keep going at it, it will strengthen the urethra muscles and will help you contain the semen longer, which can be useful. You can do this anytime you need to use the bathroom and, with time, you will be able to stop the urine flow whenever you feel like it. This may be useful for men that prefer the “pulling out” technique since you will be able to delay the ejaculation long enough for you to pull out. Do not expect any sudden results!

A fun penis exercise can be done by putting a light cloth or a napkin on your penis. While lying in bed on your back, try to lift the cloth up just by lifting your penis. It is difficult at first but in time you will manage to control your muscles which can lead do more precise movement during intercourse. This exercise should be done while your penis is slightly erect in order to control your moves better.

The oldest technique is one of the best: just do what makes you tingle but stop right before you feel the need to ejaculate. After that, continue with what you were doing in the beginning and stop again around the same point. This is a long-term penis exercise which will improve your control over your penis. Also, this technique will help you restrain yourself in extremely arousing circumstances. A similar technique can be used during intercourse: when you feel you are near, just stop or slow the pace down. After the need of ejaculation passes, continue the sexual act until you almost reach orgasm again. Repeat this as many times as you can. The final ejaculation will give you increased pleasure and you will have lasted way longer than you originally thought.

If you want to read more about penis exercise, you should check out the Penis Enlargement Exercises article. 

How to Measure Your Penis

How to Measure Your Penis
Let’s face it: every guy, since he reached puberty, wanted to know how long or thick his penis is, but do you know how to measure your penis correctly? It is actually not that difficult, but there are a few hidden tips you might not know about.

First of all, before you start, you must make sure that your penis is fully erect. This is an extremely important factor especially if you are trying to find out what kinds of condoms are suited for you. The best way to measure your penis is with a measuring tape and not with a ruler, since the latter is more rigid and can’t bend the way you want it to.

In order to know your exact length, you must place the measuring tape from the base of your penis to the head. Here is a tip about how to measure your penis more accurately: from the base of your penis, press the measuring tape as close to the pubic bone as you can since, if there is fat in that area, the results might not be precise. Although you might be the athletic type of guy, with almost no fat on your abdomen, fat can accumulate there since it is a very hard area to work on. This is the reason why more chubby men think that their penis size is less then average.
How to Measure Your Penis

The next step is to measure the circumference of your penis. This is actually easier than the first step. All you have to do is wrap the measuring tape around your penis only once, until the beginning of the tape touches the rest of it. You should do this on the thickest part of you erect penis (most of the times, this means the base of your penis). There are some men for which the thickest part of their penis is the head. If you are one of those men, measure your penis in that area to find out what you circumference is. For those of you who are in this category of men, you have to be very careful when choosing a condom. Theoretically, you should choose the condoms that are somewhat the same width as you are in your thickest part, but if you are among the men that have the head of the penis thicker than the base, you should choose a condom that is elastic enough and also grips your base tight enough to not let the semen out.

Although measuring your penis is most often made for fun or out of curiosity, it is very helpful in determining what the ideal condom is for you. This may increase your sexual experience and also make it surer for you to not have any accidents. Although men are not used to looking for details on a condom’s package, if you want to be a sexually active person, you should know what the right method is for you and your partner. 

Do Penis Pumps Work?

Do Penis Pumps Work?
Do Penis Pumps Work?

Penis pump is known world-wide as a mean of penis enlargement. But does it really work?

A penis pump is a device that can work manually or automatically and makes a slight vacuum on the head of the penis. The device is placed in such way that it covers all the glans and it requires a special sort of cock ring to maintain the erection. The main problem of the penis pump is that people tend to use it too much thinking it will give them better results. In the instructions, there should be a maximum time of usage, depending on the vacuum the device does. Nevertheless, you should not use the pump for more than one hour per sesion, since it can cause permanent damage to the vascular system.

Penis pumps have been tested on men with impotence as well as patients suffering from the Peyronie’s disease. The latter is a chronic inflammation of the inner tissue which causes shortening and curving of the penis in a painful way. Studies show that the penis pump does work in these cases, if used for more than 12 weeks, for 40 minutes per session, every day. Besides the improvement in pain, length and mobility for the patients with Peyronie’s disease, the British research show that the usage of the penis pump can increase the length of the penis with approximately 0.5 cm (or 0.2 inches) after 6 months of usage. This may not seem as a big deal, but doing the math, this proves that, if used on a regular basis and for a long time, the penis pumps can actually increase the length of the penis.

Even if the physical result is not easily seen, the psychological one is admitted by most men that have used the penis pumps. Being able to perform and to have an erect penis gives a highly increased self-esteem to all men, all the more if at the beginning there was no such thing.

Although the penis pump can be satisfactory, it does not treat the heart of the problem, it can only give a solution to it. It is the perfect way of finding out what exactly might be the problem in some cases of impotence (if it is physiological or mental). There is such a thing as “the small penis syndrome”. This makes men think that their penises aren’t good enough just by comparing them to other ones. In these cases, it’s a 50-50 chance for the penis pump to work since the problem is inside the man’s head. So, even if the penis grows with about 0.5 cm (or 0.2 inches), the person in question might not be satisfied and might still feel self-conscious, although some penis enlargement has been obtained.

For all of you out there that want a slight increase in length and a definitely confidence boost, you might want you take into consideration the penis pump. If you are not satisfied with this method, there are a couple of other techniques you can try in order to enhance both your penis and self-esteem: How to Enlarge Your Penis, Male Enhancement Pills, Penis Exercises

Average Penis Size

Average Penis Size
Average Penis Size

Penis size is a delicate subject. We’ve all heard the saying “The bigger, the better”, but what exactly does “bigger” mean?

Studies show that the average penis size is around 10.7 cm (or 4.23 in). This length is measured when the penis is fully erect (see How to Measure Your Penis for more information). If the penis is measured while flaccid, you might be disappointed since in all cases, the length of the penis increases when the males gets aroused. Keep in mind that there are studies claiming that the average size of the relaxed penis is around 7.8 cm (or 3.1 in).   

When people talk about penis size, they usually refer to length, but circumference is also a factor. Some males have long and slender penises, other have shorter but thicker penises. There isn’t much you can do about it; it’s just a matter of how you are built.

Thus being said, studies show that the average circumference of the fully erect penis is around 12.3 cm (or 4.8 in). This may seem a lot since the value is higher than the average penis length, but it is correct. Geometry tells us that the length of a circle is way bigger that the length of a line, since when you measure the circumference, you actually multiply the diameter (which is a straight line) by the number “pi” (3.14). 

For all you new daddies out there, don’t be concerned about your little boy’s manhood. The average penis size of a newborn is around 3 cm (or 1.2 in) so he may even become better gifted than you are!
Average Penis Size
Average Penis Size

Regarding this subject, researchers have come to the conclusion that the penis size is mostly genetic. Of course, there are some that disagree, but the logical explanation is that, even at the beginning of mankind, the males with the longer penises could impregnate the females faster, since the distance to the ovaries would have been shorter. That way, their genetic code would have been passed on easier. So, in other words, the part of the genetic code that is responsible for making the penis larger would have been passed on, thus creating future men with the size of the penis around the same as their father’s. 

Nevertheless, the average penis size tends to differ from region to region. What in some countries may be considered as “small” in others it may be considered as “exemplar”.
Average Penis Size
Average penis size differs from region to region.

The average penis size can also influence the way you think about yourself. We all know that guys tend to brag, but don’t get yourself worked up about it. Usually, stating that you have a big penis over and over again actually shows that you have low esteem problem and you feel the need to affirm yourself constantly. So don’t take for granted every source. You should feel comfortable with your own penis size, since there are ways to perform better. 

Human Penis

Human Penis - Not Really 

The term “penis” comes from the Latin words “penes” which means “within”, and “penis” which means “tail”, thus being a combination of the two. Nowadays, this word stands for the male genitalia, the external reproductive male organ.

The human penis is extremely complex and, anatomically speaking, has four parts: the shaft, the foreskin, the glans and the meatus. The shaft is the largest part of the penis and it is connected to the glans (also known as “the head”) through the foreskin. The meatus is also knows as “the opening” and it is located on the tip of the glans.

The human penis is very well irrigated through the dorsal artery, the deep artery, the artery of the urethral bulb and also through the dorsal veins. This “irrigation” system actually helps the penis to become erect, pumping blood through arteries and veins and draining it from other parts of the body. This is how the saying “you think with your penis” appeared, but the amount of blood that goes into the penis is not actually enough for the body to stop functioning properly, leaving sufficient blood-flow in every part of the body.

The nerving of the human penis is also interesting since there is actually only one nerve (the dorsal nerve) with more nerve endings. The latter are mostly found on the glans and are responsible for the pleasure, thus making the glans a sensory structure.

The human penis would not work properly without the testicles. These are the generator for sexual desire. In antiquity, boys were castrated when they were less than 12 years old in order to maintain their vocal abilities. Even then, people knew that the testicles where strongly connected to the penis and to manliness. When boys reached puberty, their level of hormones increased, one of the first signs being the changes in voice, followed shortly after by the enlargement of their testicles and by strange desires of fulfillment that can’t be obtained without testing what their penis can do.

The human penis has mainly two jobs: the first is the function you use since the beginning (the excretion) and the second is the reproduction. Weirdly enough, these two functions have the same tube for releasing urine and semen. You might wonder if it is safe for you to have intercourse right after you went to the bathroom. Biology makes things easier: the semen has an alkaline nature which counteracts the acidic nature of the urine, which means that, when ejaculating, you destroy not only your germs, but also the germs your partner may have. This may seem disgusting, but it is a self-defense mechanism that can provide better chances for making a family.